Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hey 17 year old me

I turned 27 this week. It was kind of a big deal for me as it is a bit of "scary" age for me. 17 year old Fiona thought that 27 was a really f*cking big deal, that I would have my house and have popped a kid or two out and would be settled in one place. That did not happen. But a lot of the stuff that make being a 17 year old extremely difficult (and 20, 21, 24...) finally makes a bit more sense. So, I old Fiona wrote young Fiona an email. 

Hey Fi,

So 17, bit crap eh? Plus you have a major horn for a boy who ends up being far more trouble than he is worth. But it works out, you actually meet a total cutie on a holiday in Paris and have a MaryKate and Ashley style trip. Seriously don't stress the Debs*, you look great and have a great story about who your date is. 

It's cool that you don't like sports too. That doesn't mean you aren't fit, you ace things like yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling and hula-hooping. Not to mention dancing, even though that leads to some injuries.  More real talk- body woes. It gets easier, you will feel more comfortable in your skin. And the fight between being skinny versus fit and strong gets easier. There are certain brands of jeans that will never fit you, but that is nothing to do with being gross or something. They aren't made for your shape. Simple. Namaste bitches. 
 photo output_Y2PzdN_zpsa847528f.gif
Studying too, woah, over whelming much? You know what I've learned? Being a nerd and a dedicated student is actually worth it. You've got some mad learning skills. And that whole university worries? No sweat. Sure, the degree isn't the degree of choice and you end up trying to work in that field for a few years and turn your back on it, you came out with some really valuable skills. Lesson learned, you're adaptable. 

Also, Dad's right a lot of the time. You do have to work hard. You do need to knuckle down. And when he sprouts expressions Granny used say, she is generally right. Sometimes you do have to try and just keep the chin up.  However, he is wrong about somethings (but mostly not wrong, dad = almost genius) and that's ok. One think I've learned from all this growing up is sticking with your guns while working hard does pay off. Old Fiona quit her job in the health sector just over 2 years ago on a whim after booking a one way ticket. You get called nuts. Now, I'm doing grand, eating Swedish pastries doing a job I kind of actually really very much like. I get called brave. Nuts are for eating. 

Try not to drink so much coffee. You thought it was gross, now you are addicted. You are also addicted to social media and the internet but that's cool because it pays your bills. Instagram is your jam.
 photo output_B1G2Qh_zpsa46636ff.gif

Treat your family and friends right Fiona. They're the ones that help you so much in life, are there when you freak out over job applications, rejections, crazy nights out, bad outfit choices, good outfit choices, love life woes, hair woes, when those extremely embarrassing things that only girls ever worry about happening happen and so much more. It's a roller-coaster, you win some, you lose some, but you have some serious diamonds in your life. 

So dear 17 year old me, you get anxiety and panic but people will mop up your tears. Plus you are quite good at life, considering how difficult using a washing machine that is all in Swedish is. Keep not listening to people, keep dressing like a grown up toddler, keep making as many friends as possible. Don't stop dancing while listening to headphones, don't stop telling silly stories that end in a strange way,  don't stop "liking" life.
  photo Photoon4-6-14at144PM_zps6709ad98.jpg
It gets better and you ace life, most of the time. And when you don't, there is always some secret chocolate squirrelled away. It's ok that you don't have all your sh*t together the way you expected. Life is so different now from what it used to be. And you are doing a-ok. 

Love Fiona Goons 

PS While it is great that you are really good at not eating all your Christmas selection box in the same day and hide most of it away, don't leave the chocolate too long as you have a habit of leaving delicious treats go past their expiration date. Not cool.

*Irish version of Debutante ball/Prom when you leave secondary school.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


HIYA! A friend sent me a suggestive snapchat (not in a sexy way, but you know who you are, feel free to send me some saucy snaps) merely commenting on the date of my last blogpost. So dear friend. This is for you. 
It's been an interesting move so far. I like bullet pointed things, so here you go, a bullet pointed synopsis of life so far.
  • Work is good. I've had some classic Goons moments of confusion but I have yet to break the internet (there was a close call, I'll tell ya next time). Plus I have a boss business card.
  •   photo 2014-02-20174806_zpsfa6a4300.jpg  photo 2014-02-14133230_zps4e225027.jpg
  • I've created a new hashtag to compliment my new life, #gothenloner. It's a reflection on being a newbie in a city and how I'm reacting to being a loner in a new city. Deep.* photo 2014-02-22171400_zps9c45acc5.jpg
  • I still make nice breakfasts, just not as regularly, 'cause I'm busy reaching for those targets.   photo 2014-03-08102346_zps0b73a9f3.jpg  photo 2014-02-23151823_zpsd292bd33.jpg
  • I still take a f#ck ton of selfies.  photo 2014-03-09174414_zpsbf6f2d95.jpg  photo 2014-03-08123247_zps13fdb9c1.jpg  photo 2014-02-14230350_zpsc34208bb.jpg
  • Gothenburg is srsly pretty. The trams are that perfect shade of sky blue.  Now that spring is finally happening, the city is doing that wonderful thing that Scandinavian cities do; they literally wake up and you start to see people around the city.  photo 2014-03-09130955_zps87fce378.jpg  photo 2014-03-08145937-1_zps12812457.jpg  photo 2014-03-08123041_zps5d657c29.jpg  photo 2014-03-08122945_zpsec437cfe.jpg  photo 2014-03-07172717_zps07199363.jpg  photo 2014-02-24174659_zps6e81c180.jpg  photo 2014-02-15132733_zpsf3bde870.jpg
  • I've had a few party lolz. I miss the casual Copenhagen way of partying but Gothenburg bars are growing on me.
  • I've been listening to a Mø this morning and drank a lot of coffee. 
  • I skipped** pilates class to write this.
If you fancy seeing most of these on a photosharing app, I'm @fayoonao on Instagram. 

* I'm not actually a loner, I just like being melodramatic. I have made some friends. They're fab. People are awesome. So I'm not being a completely self indulgent moany princess Fiona all the time.

**I didn't skip it really, I just didn't want to to get out of bed.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Old and new jumpers

After a few drinks last Friday celebrating and reminiscing with dear friends about leaving this wonderful city called Copenhagen I came up with the best metaphor for moving. To give you a heads-up (if you aren't a twitter or instagram friend where I consistently overshare), I'm moving further north. Gothenburg to be exact. I'm moving tomorrow actually. 
But getting back to the genius metaphor. Copenhagen feels to me a bit like an old familiar jumper. A good quality one, of course. Warm and comfortable but feels a bit stale as my wardrobe evolves. It was time to get a new jumper. Enter the Gothenburg jumper. Equally warm, equally good quality but completely different. A new lease of life into my wardrobe. So I'm folding up my Copenhagen jumper, packing it away for a while and trying a new jumper for a new look. 
 photo Photoon1-20-14at130PM_zpsa5b157dd.jpg
 photo Photoon1-20-14at128PM3_zpsd22538ee.jpg
Speaking of jumpers, I won a competition over on Where's me jumper! And I won a cool new jumper. Be sure to check out their amazing book "The knit parade" if you want some knitspo'.   photo output_ZuBa21_zps76faaa9e.gif
I wore it with my Docs, which are serving me well as I stomp in snow. Now to go stomp around Gothenburg.  

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 // 2014

2013. Not as good a vintage as 2012, but there is always highlights, japes, lowlights and lowlives. Here it goes:

  • My 26th birthday was such a perfect birthday. My friends are ace
  • Finding an Icelandic two-piece suit in a charity shop
  • Quitting a shitty part time job
  • Being a semi-successful self-employed entrepreneurial type working on some great projects
  • Working with one of my great friends on a really awesome project
  • Organising a large event in this wonderful city of Copenhagen 
  • New friends 
  • A semi-solo trip to Berlin
  • Eating the best veggie burger I have ever eaten in Berlin
  • Learning
  • Passing Danish tests
  • Watching a local band that influenced my teens so much with one of my best friends and singing our hearts out
  • Receiving a personalised advent calendar
  • Swimming all summer long 
  • Leg tan. Contrary to popular belief, I can in fact have tanned legs
  • Watching Gilmore Girls again
  • My new apartment
  • One night in the summer where we all sat on the bridge and people just kept on passing by and joining the party
  • Barbeques
  • Visitors to Copenhagen
  • Getting a train across Sweden one cold morning. It was really beautiful.
  • Family values
  • Watching the Eurovision
  • Learning how to make really good coffee (I'm Coffee Collective trained technically)
  • That point in your twenties where you like having a clean space and you realise that your Dad was right, it is nice to have the place hoovered so when you get home your flat is clean
  • My dad built a pizza oven. He made great pizza
  • Selfies. So. Many. Selfies. 
  • My sister graduating and being an absolute babe
  • Museums and culture being really wonderful
  • Long bike rides through parks
 photo 2013-12-06211654_zps65f65075.jpg

  • Busting my knee in a freak dancing incident
  • Falling on said-knee in a freak walking accident
  • Saying bye to more friends
  • Watching Gilmore Girls again
  • Job/work shite
  • Not having colleagues to work with while working for yourself
  • Waiting on emails only to get disappointed by the contents of the email
  • Watching a local band that influenced my teens so much without one of my best friends and wishing she was there too
  • Anxiety
  • Moving out of my old wonderful Copenhagen "family" apartment
  • Losing things
  • Hangovers
  • Fluctuating health and fitness
 photo b3ee34ec6cc211e38f5c0e538b03d2c0_8_zpscd16aa90.jpg

2014, expectations, it's serious.
  • Stability. In all aspects of life. Work. Fitness. Life. 
  • More yoga. It really does make you more flexible and leave your mind feel so zen
  • Skateboarding and DJing. I failed on that this year
  • Batch cook more. It really does save on time in the long run!
  • Use all the selfies I have on my phone for something

 photo 2013-12-31211116_zps16afee41.jpg

Lads we can do this. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013


 photo trainers_zpsa82708e6.gif
Kicks go with everything, cool? Cool. Reebok trainers remind me of secondary school when I bought a pair of boxing boots and wore them with everything. I've gone full circle from having a big love of trainers back to heels back to trainers again. Footwear, the constant love affair.
 photo c7c1533c6cc211e3a434127828ff3a77_8_zpsead0bea5.jpg
Trainers with a leopard print dress. It's a winner. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas salad inspo

I can't stop telling everyone about the uh-may-zing salad my flatmate made for our Christmas dinner. It's so good. Not only is it a brilliant colour, it's packed full of flavours, textures and is totally good for you as well. 
 photo 8dcd2568658111e3afd412824b243569_8_zps6b75b95e.jpg
If you fancy something lighter with your cream and fat laced dinner or have a f#ck-tonne of red cabbage left (who doesn't), this is super simple and super good.
 photo cffd4be0670511e3be060ed4a55bf507_8_zps2ee451e1.jpg
All you need is raw red cabbage, chopped up nice and thinly, pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries and some chopped fresh parsley. Mix it up and then the dressing is as easy (excluding the pomegranate seed blood bath)- just some black currant cordial concentrate. We used Ribena. Mix. Serve. Eat. Repeat. Followed by: Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. 
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