Sunday, 2 November 2014

#EHCC (or not shopping for new things)

In spite of moving around a lot, I've acquired an insane amount of clothes and shoes. Yet, every morning I can not figure out what to wear. After a chat on Instagram with Stevie about this same dilemma, I joined in her pact to not buy new clothes with such reckless abandon. I've been sticking with it for a month and will keep it up (except the next work sample sale as girls' gotta get more prints) for another few months. 
Introducing #EHCC, aka Economical Holiday Chic Club. There's a couple of us (this babe and this babe as well as Stevie and I). We're not shopping and recycling our outfits while documenting it on Insta occasionally. Here's a couple of my recent old outfits-of-the-day that reminded me that I do not need another dress/shirt/jeans/shoes. 
 photo oldootd_zps05959b66.jpg
90s layered realness with a dress given to me by my friend Jess and floral DocMartens.
 photo 10735429_963864430294149_1537429736_n_zpsf2cba523.jpg
Seriously intricately beaded jumper not done justice in this picture with some WoodWood sample sale treasure trousers.
 photo 10706974_1506157962956337_1674708527_n_zpsf4aa3591.jpg
Loud print shirt dress. Bam.  
 photo 10731744_1550061485206290_1474944364_n_zps232ff3c3.jpg
Blue leopard print tshirt and practicing my Taylor Swift shake it out.   
 photo 10727556_1551580505076513_1682153650_n_zpsb6cf47ff.jpg
My favourite blue coat that is slowly getting destroyed after being stuck in the spokes of my bike on multiple occasions. 

I need to get a bit better with uploading more #OldOOTD pictures. In the meantime, I'm relishing knowing that this month I splurged on flight tickets for a spring time adventure. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014


 photo 10706705_529852750494188_419196712_n_zps5f7cbcfb.jpg Aren't everyday life rituals lovely? I've moved apartment and after flat-sharing for a couple of years with some amazing people and some not so amazing ones, I've now started to live on my own. And oh-em-gee is it good. I've started to relish relaxed Friday nights rather than big ragers so when I wake up on Saturday, I can really enjoy my coffee while listening to Mary Ann Hobbs on 6music. I'll clean up the flat and make an elaborate breakfast and enjoy the process of pottering around in a space exclusively mine. That and batch cooking things for the week ahead. It's really satisfying knowing that I don't need to make a packed lunch after spending a bit more time making something great on the weekend that I can use all week. Slowly morphing into a grown up, one batch cooked curry and hangover-free Sunday at a time. 
 photo 10666089_367118716780024_1882647100_n_zps121ec2cb.jpg  photo 10731973_1536047593299914_802382408_n_zpsecece5d0.jpg
Another regular ritual I have is while cycling home, I'll be grumpy and tired after a full day and feel "UGH GOTHENBURG, YOU SUCK" and then I'll see something like this view which is right next to my flat and think "OK, you aren't so bad. But don't make me angry again, ya hear!". This happens on a weekly basis. My love affair with Scandi-land continues.
 photo 10488768_784908198198466_221118726_n_zpsfe9c2697.jpg
 photo 10706945_651381184960055_389371806_n_zpsce9096be.jpg
I guess I got out of the habit of posting here. I'm more comfortable with the instant now?! 
But, after one heck of a busy summer and getting into a more comfortable solo apartment life, I've said I would put some time back into the internet. And I wrote this a month and a half ago and then never posted it. Round too. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Be my sweet potato

In the spirit of being more effective with my food in the fridge, here is a recipe for some super simple, super tasty and actually kind of healthy burritos. And an idea to use up all the leftovers you will inevitably have. 
 photo tortiall_zps2c71b351.jpg
Roast up some sweet potatoes in a little bit of olive oil and salt, put the oven at a nice high heat to get those sweet potatoes nice and crispy.
Get some quinoa or bulgar wheat cooking (better than rice innit). 
While the sweet orange fleshy babes are roasting, make a super simple salsa. Fresh tomatoes, fresh chilli, shallot, lime juice, salt olive oil. I would have added fresh coriander and garlic if I had had some, but this packs a punch without them.  
Mash up some black beans, kidney beans, whatever kind of red/black bean you like. Add some lime juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and paprika. Fry that up. 
Chop up some avo, grate some cheese if you want to, heat up some tortilla wraps. 
When all the separate parts are ready, assemble into a dreamy burrito. Add some hot sauce for extra heat. 
Bam. Sweet potato burritos. 

I'm always inspired by my IRL and internet friend Isabelle's food and her use of what is in her fridge. I'm always guilty of going to the supermarket to buy more crap that I will eventually need to compost. Not cool Goons. So I used all the left overs from my burrito fest to make another feast.
 photo breakfast_zps942d3ec0.jpg
I melted butter in a hot pan, added the pre-roasted sweet potato chunks and some fresh tomatoes into the pan. Squeeze some lime juice on top and some salt and paprika. 
Add in an egg. Or two. 
Fry it up. 
Add in the left-over beans and fry them too. 
Serve it with some greens, a tortilla wrap, some freshly chopped spring onion and hot sauce.

I kind of wish I could eat them all over again. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014


I realised this morning I've been in Gothenburg for over three months now. Well, three months and a day. New cities, new jobs, new people are always a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I guess I'm in the midst of the upward climb from a dip. I've got furniture and a favourite bar now. Just need to actually feel at home, which is always easier said than done. In the meantime, I've been 'gramming to my hearts content. So I made some collages. 
 photo collage5_zps268516ce.jpg
I'm like really into the colour blue lately. Not in a "oh I'm so blue lately woe is me way" of course. More in a "this colour is srsly helping my zen". Scandinavian skies are something else. 

 photo collage4_zps8fbad8f9.jpg
I got a longboard for a laugh. This picture was half staged, half a reality of me moving an inch forward. I'll get there eventually. At work, we installed an instagram studio. So that means cool special effects like hanging out with a fashun ghost. And I went "home" to Copenhagen and worked on that beer belly of mine. 

 photo collage3_zps485ab9fa.jpg
So. Many. Prints. All. About. Prints. Nothing else needs to be said. 

 photo collage2_zps32f19d02.jpg
Most of the time when I eat out, I order dirty veggie burgers which aren't so grammable (not enough colour differences innit). However, here are some lovely different colour foods. You should definitely check out this page of breakfast sandwich options. I still dream of the mango mozzarella lime one. 
 photo collage1_zps3708bf29.jpg'
I'm really into flowers now. Comes with the territory of reaching a certain age maybe? Still, no point having flowers in conventional places now is there. So I put them on a longboard, next to my legs and on my head. Real cool Goons. 

As always, I'm available on Instagram, @fayoonao, for LOLZ, newbie woes chat and selfies. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hey 17 year old me

I turned 27 this week. It was kind of a big deal for me as it is a bit of "scary" age for me. 17 year old Fiona thought that 27 was a really f*cking big deal, that I would have my house and have popped a kid or two out and would be settled in one place. That did not happen. But a lot of the stuff that make being a 17 year old extremely difficult (and 20, 21, 24...) finally makes a bit more sense. So, I old Fiona wrote young Fiona an email. 

Hey Fi,

So 17, bit crap eh? Plus you have a major horn for a boy who ends up being far more trouble than he is worth. But it works out, you actually meet a total cutie on a holiday in Paris and have a MaryKate and Ashley style trip. Seriously don't stress the Debs*, you look great and have a great story about who your date is. 

It's cool that you don't like sports too. That doesn't mean you aren't fit, you ace things like yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling and hula-hooping. Not to mention dancing, even though that leads to some injuries.  More real talk- body woes. It gets easier, you will feel more comfortable in your skin. And the fight between being skinny versus fit and strong gets easier. There are certain brands of jeans that will never fit you, but that is nothing to do with being gross or something. They aren't made for your shape. Simple. Namaste bitches. 
 photo output_Y2PzdN_zpsa847528f.gif
Studying too, woah, over whelming much? You know what I've learned? Being a nerd and a dedicated student is actually worth it. You've got some mad learning skills. And that whole university worries? No sweat. Sure, the degree isn't the degree of choice and you end up trying to work in that field for a few years and turn your back on it, you came out with some really valuable skills. Lesson learned, you're adaptable. 

Also, Dad's right a lot of the time. You do have to work hard. You do need to knuckle down. And when he sprouts expressions Granny used say, she is generally right. Sometimes you do have to try and just keep the chin up.  However, he is wrong about somethings (but mostly not wrong, dad = almost genius) and that's ok. One think I've learned from all this growing up is sticking with your guns while working hard does pay off. Old Fiona quit her job in the health sector just over 2 years ago on a whim after booking a one way ticket. You get called nuts. Now, I'm doing grand, eating Swedish pastries doing a job I kind of actually really very much like. I get called brave. Nuts are for eating. 

Try not to drink so much coffee. You thought it was gross, now you are addicted. You are also addicted to social media and the internet but that's cool because it pays your bills. Instagram is your jam.
 photo output_B1G2Qh_zpsa46636ff.gif

Treat your family and friends right Fiona. They're the ones that help you so much in life, are there when you freak out over job applications, rejections, crazy nights out, bad outfit choices, good outfit choices, love life woes, hair woes, when those extremely embarrassing things that only girls ever worry about happening happen and so much more. It's a roller-coaster, you win some, you lose some, but you have some serious diamonds in your life. 

So dear 17 year old me, you get anxiety and panic but people will mop up your tears. Plus you are quite good at life, considering how difficult using a washing machine that is all in Swedish is. Keep not listening to people, keep dressing like a grown up toddler, keep making as many friends as possible. Don't stop dancing while listening to headphones, don't stop telling silly stories that end in a strange way,  don't stop "liking" life.
  photo Photoon4-6-14at144PM_zps6709ad98.jpg
It gets better and you ace life, most of the time. And when you don't, there is always some secret chocolate squirrelled away. It's ok that you don't have all your sh*t together the way you expected. Life is so different now from what it used to be. And you are doing a-ok. 

Love Fiona Goons 

PS While it is great that you are really good at not eating all your Christmas selection box in the same day and hide most of it away, don't leave the chocolate too long as you have a habit of leaving delicious treats go past their expiration date. Not cool.

*Irish version of Debutante ball/Prom when you leave secondary school.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


HIYA! A friend sent me a suggestive snapchat (not in a sexy way, but you know who you are, feel free to send me some saucy snaps) merely commenting on the date of my last blogpost. So dear friend. This is for you. 
It's been an interesting move so far. I like bullet pointed things, so here you go, a bullet pointed synopsis of life so far.
  • Work is good. I've had some classic Goons moments of confusion but I have yet to break the internet (there was a close call, I'll tell ya next time). Plus I have a boss business card.
  •   photo 2014-02-20174806_zpsfa6a4300.jpg  photo 2014-02-14133230_zps4e225027.jpg
  • I've created a new hashtag to compliment my new life, #gothenloner. It's a reflection on being a newbie in a city and how I'm reacting to being a loner in a new city. Deep.* photo 2014-02-22171400_zps9c45acc5.jpg
  • I still make nice breakfasts, just not as regularly, 'cause I'm busy reaching for those targets.   photo 2014-03-08102346_zps0b73a9f3.jpg  photo 2014-02-23151823_zpsd292bd33.jpg
  • I still take a f#ck ton of selfies.  photo 2014-03-09174414_zpsbf6f2d95.jpg  photo 2014-03-08123247_zps13fdb9c1.jpg  photo 2014-02-14230350_zpsc34208bb.jpg
  • Gothenburg is srsly pretty. The trams are that perfect shade of sky blue.  Now that spring is finally happening, the city is doing that wonderful thing that Scandinavian cities do; they literally wake up and you start to see people around the city.  photo 2014-03-09130955_zps87fce378.jpg  photo 2014-03-08145937-1_zps12812457.jpg  photo 2014-03-08123041_zps5d657c29.jpg  photo 2014-03-08122945_zpsec437cfe.jpg  photo 2014-03-07172717_zps07199363.jpg  photo 2014-02-24174659_zps6e81c180.jpg  photo 2014-02-15132733_zpsf3bde870.jpg
  • I've had a few party lolz. I miss the casual Copenhagen way of partying but Gothenburg bars are growing on me.
  • I've been listening to a Mø this morning and drank a lot of coffee. 
  • I skipped** pilates class to write this.
If you fancy seeing most of these on a photosharing app, I'm @fayoonao on Instagram. 

* I'm not actually a loner, I just like being melodramatic. I have made some friends. They're fab. People are awesome. So I'm not being a completely self indulgent moany princess Fiona all the time.

**I didn't skip it really, I just didn't want to to get out of bed.
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