Thursday, 12 July 2012

Leaf it out

Marilyn playsuit c/o Motel Rocks- get it here
This weekend, the weather was finally nice enough to venture out in my uh-may-zing playsuit that I had specially delivered to me in Copenhagen by my wonderful friend a few weeks ago.  The pattern on the playsuit could be mistaken for a certain type of plant leaf.  Ironically, I wore it to Christiania in Copenhagen with friends.  While my face looks sad in the picture, I'm actually having the best time of my life.  It's hard being a hipster.


The Clothes Maiden said...

uhh agreed! such a gorgeous playsuit, love the print xo

Katie Frank said...

I've checked some of your posts and I must write that your blog is very stylish and I love your style! You're very pretty girl. I'm already following you and I hope you also can visit my blog :). I'm gonna visit you asap.

Lucy said...

hahaha Fiona, are you promoting that certain grass hmm?

I'm writing a post dedicated to you lady ;) Many, MANY kisses!!! xxxxxxxx

Identity Unknown said...

haha :D love the scenery!


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