Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Havin' a laugh.

Photo by Darling Ditte. Wearing vintage, as per. Laughing face, stylist's own.
It's getting colder in Copenhagen, my feet are slipping off my bike pedals because the soles of my shoes are wet.  Winter coats are coming out.  Danes keep talking about this thing they call hygge, this magic word they use to describe all things cosy.  No better way to spend a Friday evening. Laughing.


Winnie said...

Oh I adore this picture of you - you look so lovely. That blouse is such a winner too!!! Wrap up warm Fi!

Kati said...

Looking at this picture truly makes me smile!

Sarah said...

Love this photo - whenever I think of you, I always think of how smiley you are, and how much you make me laugh. So this is perfect. I love giggly Fi!

Milly. said...

Aw I love photos of pure laughter/happiness like these! Make sure you stay super warm please girly - loving that polka dot top, it matches your mood x

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