Saturday, 1 February 2014

Old and new jumpers

After a few drinks last Friday celebrating and reminiscing with dear friends about leaving this wonderful city called Copenhagen I came up with the best metaphor for moving. To give you a heads-up (if you aren't a twitter or instagram friend where I consistently overshare), I'm moving further north. Gothenburg to be exact. I'm moving tomorrow actually. 
But getting back to the genius metaphor. Copenhagen feels to me a bit like an old familiar jumper. A good quality one, of course. Warm and comfortable but feels a bit stale as my wardrobe evolves. It was time to get a new jumper. Enter the Gothenburg jumper. Equally warm, equally good quality but completely different. A new lease of life into my wardrobe. So I'm folding up my Copenhagen jumper, packing it away for a while and trying a new jumper for a new look. 
 photo Photoon1-20-14at130PM_zpsa5b157dd.jpg
 photo Photoon1-20-14at128PM3_zpsd22538ee.jpg
Speaking of jumpers, I won a competition over on Where's me jumper! And I won a cool new jumper. Be sure to check out their amazing book "The knit parade" if you want some knitspo'.   photo output_ZuBa21_zps76faaa9e.gif
I wore it with my Docs, which are serving me well as I stomp in snow. Now to go stomp around Gothenburg.  


Jennifer Kennedy said...

L O V E the boots. also the jumper. also the jumpee. yes, completely rad. xx

Matthew Pike said...

You look like you're enjoying those boots for sure.

Buckets & Spades

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